CFB1 Shielded Avenger (75% discount, 3,25€)

75% off until Jul 10

available in all of the styles:
Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro

Designers: Michael Gene Adkins
Design date: 2009
Publisher: The Fontry

Do you love your country as much as you love fonts? Are you a Comic Fanboy? A CFB with a soft spot in your heart for those spangled superheroes willing to fight for the American way of life? Do you joyously celebrate the 4th of July? Do you admire the Pledge of Allegiance, Old Glory, Lady Liberty, the Star-Spangled Banner? Do you hum the National Anthem on your drive home? Do you put country first?

The American Patriot collection was inspired by the patriotic lettering styles that arose out of the golden and silver age of comics, when real heroes dawned the stars and stripes and battled the forces of tyranny with fierceness and unashamed pride.

The CFB1 American Patriot FontPack is 3 fonts (American Patriot, Captain Narrow and Shielded Avenger), each in 6 patriotic variations. Buy them separately or buy all three at a package discount. Get all three fonts and start showing off your colors, utilizing the styles menu to create a truly American layering effect. Be a patriot true! Stack up the layers for the red, white and blue!

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