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Designers: Andreu Balius
Publisher: Typerepublic

Carmen is a text type family inspired on the famous Prosper Mérimée’s book character Carmen, the Spanish gypsy woman who defied her fate for the sake of love.
It was first designed as a commissioned work for a new revised edition of the famous novel “Carmen”. The typeface has some sort of Latin Spanish-French flavor that leads us into the early nineteenth century but with a contemporary view. It works fine for both reading text and headlines. Its Italics provide a nice rythm and dinamism within the text. The shapes of letters show a taste for elegance and extravaganza at the same time.
Carmen Black exaggerates some of the details visible in the Regular and Medium styles, providing greater strength and character to the whole.

A customized version of Carmen was used as a corporate typeface for Victoria’s Secret lingerie and women’s clothing company. It has been also used for fashion magazines in different countries since it includes an extended character set and a complete set of ligatures, also.

Carmen typeface was selected as one of the best typefaces in 2008 by website.

Carmen typeface was selected as one of the “Top Type of 2009” by FontShop International.

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