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Designers: Cecilia Vizan
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Pío Pío

Carlino is named after the cutest dog on earth. Why? Because it’s the cutest font ever made.

Especially intended for stationery use, it’s loaded with lots of alternates and ligatures, not only in the lowercase but in the uppercase. All of them are Open-Type programmed, so the possibilities of having something unique are endless.
Following nowadays trend, Carlino is a multi-layered font: shades, holes and dots were made to work alone or all together with fantastic results! The way it works is so easy that It’s impossible not to enjoy it: Just type a word; then the same one set in another style and voilà!

The font has also a lot of sweet ornaments to embellish your projects. Find inside: hearts, fleurons, party icons, flags, and the funniest animals.
To accompany Carlino, there’s nothing better than Carlino Capitals. Its cute flavor makes everything more lovely.

Have fun with Carlino and oh! don’t forget to feed this little pug or it will bark all day long!

Special thanks to Maximiliano Sproviero, whose advice helped me make this dream come true.

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