Bree (HOT font)

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Designers: Veronika BurianJosé Scaglione
Design date: 2008
Publisher: TypeTogether

ED-Awards: Original Typeface Bronze (2009)
MyFonts Top 10 Fonts of 2008 (Jan 1, 2009)
Typographica Favorite Typefaces of 2008
MyFonts Rising Star (Apr 2008)

Bree, based on TypeTogether’s logotype, is a sleek sans serif that delivers a polished and modern look and feel for branding or headline usage.

Some of its most characteristic features are the one-story ‘a’, the cursive ‘e’, the curves in the outstrokes of ‘v’ and ‘w’, the flourish ‘Q’ and the fluidity of shapes on ‘g y z’. Alternate letters of these are available when a more classical look is desired.

Clearly influenced by handwriting, Bree shows a pleasant mixture of rather unobtrusive capitals and the more vivid lowercase letters, that give the text a spirited and lively appearance. It is definitely a memorable upright italic!

Bree features four sets of numerals, ligatures, alternate characters, fractions, scientific superior/inferior figures and language support for over 40 languages that use the Latin script.

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