Brag Pro (from $25.20)

30% off till Sep 30

Designers: Dave Rowland
Design date: 2011
Publisher: Schizotype

available in all of the styles:
Any OpenType Features Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro Ligatures Central Europe Baltic Turkish Romanian OpenType Alternates

only available in some of the styles:
Dingbats & Symbols

Brag & Brag Stencil are now available as Pro fonts, with an extended character set (Latin Extended A) and Oldstyle figures. All features of the original fonts are still there, but now you can talk with Brag’s signature bold look in many more European languages.

If you don’t need the extra characters, I would recommend buying the original fonts, but if you’re planning on getting both Brag and Brag Stencil, then the Pro set works out cheaper. Fancy that!

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