Bommer Sans (50% discount, from 12€)

Bommer Sans is a warm and friendly type with a distinguishable look. It has been designed to add our twist to the flavour of English humanistic sans serif typefaces. Bommer Sans works like a charm for editorial, headlining, exhibition, signage and wayfinding projects. The big x-height and ascenders close to cap height favor tighter interlinear spacing. The ‘Q’ tail, resting on the baseline, is an invitation to play vertical, stacking lines of caps. Curved strokes on the ‘i’, ‘k’, ‘l’, ‘K’ and ‘R’ bring a friendly touch without compromising the sturdy structure, a marked characteristic of the design of the figure set. With seven weights in the upright and its matching italics, Bommer Sans has 14 styles and is part of the Bommer family. Check Bommer Slab for a great companion!

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