Boho (30% discount, from 11,89€)

2ec4b61d5518b8ef39e205a570997bf6 - Boho (30% discount, from 11,89€)

Boho is inspired by a bohemian girl who is a free soul and creative spirit. She is a city girl, but she loves spending a lot of time outdoors and being close to nature. She loves art and going to the antiques and organic food markets. She is a wild and free spirit who knows no bounds.

Boho is Coto Mendoza’s first Script font family, which is based on gestual calligraphy with Cola pen. A first exposure to gestual strokes applied to font design can be seen in her previous work, Macarons.

Boho consists of 4 subfamilies: Script, Line, Sans and Serif. Each subfamily comes in 4 weights: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic. Script and Line versions include a teardrop terminal variant. Dingbats and ornaments are also included.

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