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Designers: Christian Thalmann
Design date: 2013
Publisher: Catharsis Fonts

available in all of the styles:
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Blumenkind is a fresh, bright, humanist script font radiating boundless optimism and friendly enthusiasm. Its strokes are based on the rounded triangle, which lends it a dynamic bounce and a confident human touch. It shines in a wide range of display and editorial applications, but excels in particular in the context of art, creativity, food, social events,ff and spirituality.

Blumenkind is inspired by an instance of metal-strip lettering found on the Bürgermeister Kornmesser Siedlung residential building complex in Berlin from the 1960s. The font name, being German for “flower child”, aims to capture the positive zeitgeist of that time evident in the letters.

Blumenkind comes with extensive language support, tight kerning, attractive ligatures, and subtly varied alternate shapes for some of the most commonly doubled letters — and all that in three linear weights and one calligraphic weight. Furthermore, a complementary version of the font (Blumenkind Alternate) is available, in which the overlapping tittles and accent marks of the original are replaced with more traditional free-floating marks.

This font is dedicated to the miracle of medical science. Thanks to Georg Seifert, Rainer Scheichelbauer, and Michael Wallner for technical aid.

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