Basil (50% discount, from 0€)

Designers: Vassil Kateliev
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Karandash

A mix between tradition and innovation, Basil is a unique humanist slab serif well suitable for broad range of design projects – editorial, logotype, poster, etc. With its tall x-height and generous internal spaces, the type family was especially designed with legibility in mind and is well suitable for body text at small sizes. In the same time Basil is equally able as titling and headline font due to numerous distinctive visual features* that shape its attractive appearance. A true workhorse, packed with lots of OpenType features** and full multilingual support, the type family consisting of six weights, with Regular available for FREE!
Basil was selected and exhibited at the New Bulgarian Typography Exhibition, which was part of the Sofia Design week 2013 (23-30 June 2013) and then took part in several travelling exhibitions.

*Prominent visual feature: specially designed “synthetic” oblique axis that develops throughout the members of the type family; wedge serifs; Cyrillic that is more natural and true to overall typeface style; specially redesigned ultra-black weight;

**OpenType Features: ligatures; small caps with full multilingual support; lining, old-style and tabular figures; sup- and subscript figures; numerators and denominators; some stylistic alternates;

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