Architectural Lettering (50% discount, from $14.50)

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available in all of the styles in this family:
Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics Euro Ligatures Dingbats & Symbols

Designers: Rae Kaiser
Design date: 1999
Publisher: Outside the Line

This font is for architects everywhere. This all cap font was created for use with CAD programs. It gives the handlettered look of old to computer generated blueprints.

Architectural Lettering Bold is the heavier weight for Architectural Lettering. This additional weight makes a best selling font even more versatile. It has all the international currency symbols.

Architectural Lettering Regular was redesigned in 2006 to include the same.

It can be found in the book “Indie Fonts 3, a Compendium of Digital Type from Independent Foundries”.

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