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Alumni (75% discount, from 4,75€)

75% off until Feb 1

At first glance, there is something familiar about this font, but one may not be sure…

“Where have I seen this font before?” Known for his diverse portfolio of script style display fonts, typographic designer and lettering artist Rob Leuschke has taken a step back in time with Alumni™. A true departure from present trends, this font resurrects the clean and simple forms made popular in the 1950s. Originally inspired by the black face Impact™, it soon evolved to include numerous weights from the Black flavor of its progenitor to a super thin Pinstripe. The extreme weights (Pinstripe, Hairline and Black) are designed for display situations while the remaining weights may be used for more traditional textual design applications. The Inline and Collegiate flavors offer added display options. Alumni™ is available in Roman and Italic versions of each weight. Extensive kerning and OpenType programming have been applied to give it optimal functionality.

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