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available in all of the styles in this family:
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Holy Dooley! It’s a new Ainslie!

Like its big brothers, the new face incorporates a mix of influences from Oz, although Slab has some ace new shoes.

The original Ainslie was inspired by Mt. Ainslie and the city of Canberra’s inner suburb of the same name. The city’s geometric design, which includes Mt. Ainslie, are now also the same structure that make up the foundation of Ainslie Slab.

Ainslie Slab adds some spiffy new slab serifs. The result’s a ripper Aussie typeface that’s usable within a wide array of applications.

The trendy typeface incorporates a multitude of alternates. You can access these in any OpenType-enabled application. Alternates, swashes and alternate titling caps allow you to customize the look and feel. Also incorporated are capital swash alternates, old style figures, and compact caps. Check out the PDF brochure to view these options in action. OpenType enabled applications can take complete benefit of your automatic replacing ligatures and alternates. This font also presents the glyphs to help a wide array of languages.

Try it for copy. Try it for a headline. Try it alongside the original Ainslie or Ainslie Sans. Whichever way suits you best, give it a burl. You won’t be sad you did.

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