Adagio Serif (70% discount, from 6€)

Designers: Mateusz Machalski
Design date: 2014
Publisher: Borutta

The Adagio Family is a part of Mateusz Machalski’s, Warsaw Academy of fine arts Master Degree Diploma in multimedia studio, conducted by Professor Stanisław Wieczorek and his brave PHD Jakub Wróblewski. Adagio is a modern type family. It consists of 3 main varieties: sans, serif and slab. Each one of them has it’s own “true italic” set. All of the styles together have over 400 characters in 9 different thicknesses. The Adagio family was created mostly for company identities. The idea was to create a wide range of different varieties which are stylistically consistent.

Adagio Serif – Characterises with strong contrast and high detail in calligraphic character cuts, what gives it a light feeling. Unlike the Slab version, serif variety has asymmetrical serifs. Thanks to large X length, and highly stretched descenders, it also works correct in longer text, while its strong detail is good for headlines. The Serif version is a great complement for Adagio Sans and Adagio Slab .

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