1523 Holbein (from $13.30)

Design date: 2010
Publisher: GLC

available in all of the styles:
Basic Latin/English letters West European diacritics

This typeface is an attempt to offer as a font the well known marvelous Hans Holbein “Death Alphabet”, first published in 1523. We have tried to preserve as much as possible the spirit and appearance of the original Initials set — incredibly fine and enriched with detailed figures — trying at the same time to create a font not too complex to be usable. Neverteless, the font files are large, and when used, the decorated initials may appear on screen more slowly than ordinary characters. (Minimum size recommended : 96 pts)

We are offering here two complete standard sets (no accented characters) : Initials and capitals. We have reconstructed the missing letters : J and U, Eth, Lslash, Thorn and Oslash.

The font may be used with all our Humane and Garalde fonts, like 1543 Humane Jenson or 1592 GLC Garamond and others from the GLC foundry catalog.

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